All credit for my teaching rests with my teachers. All the faults lie with me.

Sensei Danny Chapman gave me my first experience with teaching. Without that training, I can't imagine that I'd be able to teach today.

My first major yoga influences were the teachers at the Athens Yoga Center in Athens, Georgia. They were mostly trained in the Integral Yoga tradition under Swami Satchinanda in Yogaville, Virginia.  I took the six-week beginner series there (taught by John Hawkins).  I moved from teacher to teacher there as schedules changed and my intuition led me. John. Manjula Judi Spears. Dr. Rich Panico.  The skilled rolfer Anita Acevedo was there at the time as well and I'm glad I went through her 'ten series' -- rolfing doesn't have to be painful. I even worked on the AYC's newsletter, the Sutra.  Although my experience there was much more steeped in Hindu tradition and Sanskrit chanting than my current mode of teaching, the basic structure of my Mindful Yoga classes is heavily, heavily influenced by this tradition.  I never made it to Yogaville before Satchinanda died (and still haven't), but the tradition goes on.

After the Athens Yoga Center closed (there seems to be a tradition of studio owners deciding they no longer want to run a studio), John eventually moved to the Red Lotus Institute. And when he left town, I began taking classes from the woman who ran the studio at the time. (I am abashed to forget her name.)  This was my first exposure to yin yoga, as she always started the class with several yin poses. Also my first exposure to frankincense oils. She would take the oils around and dab a few drops onto our hands before we did our eye yoga.

After moving to Knoxville, I began taking yoga classes again at the Rush 24/7. Betty Kalister was there, then, and was amazing. She still is! Take her classes. She's responsible for getting me hooked into the Glowing Body after I got my teaching certification, and again later with Aravinda. She's highly knowledgeable and an astounding enthusiast and networker who's constantly out there making new connections and learning more and more and bringing it all back to her students and fellow teachers.  I only wish I could do that.

In 2007, at last I did my teacher training with Stephanie Keach at the Asheville Yoga Center (I appear to have a thing for AYCs).  Putting aside everything I learned there, the things that most stands out from the experience is Stephanie's open and giving heart.  A recurring guest anusara instructor, Barbara Hall out of Savannah, was one of the teachers who resonated most with me.

Though I've never worked with him in person, the teachings of Paul Grilley are also a big influence on me and have informed my teaching philosophy and my yin yoga teachings.



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