Beginning Hatha Practice

This is the basic sequence of poses (asana) that I teach during the Beginner Series. I publish it here so that you'll be able to reference it during and after the 6-week Beginning Hatha Series. It's a reminder of your poses, not a guide for someone who hasn't been through the series.

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Classes for Beginners

I teach several classes that are appropriate for beginners. I suggest finding one that fits well into your schedule.

Gentle Yoga is not a traditional yoga class, but is absolutely welcoming to beginners. If you need something with almost no cardio and no standing-up, this is the one for you.  It's a slow-paced class, so you definitely won't get lost.  Wednesdays at 5:30pm at Balanced You.

Mindful Hatha Yoga is on Tuesday and Friday nights at 6pm at the Glowing Body. Both nights are beginner-friendly, though more advanced instruction will be given to challenge those who are ready for it. If we do a pose that's beyond you, you can take a break -- no biggie -- but I also like to give you alternatives that will give you a similar benefit.

Mindful Hatha Yoga is also presented at Breezeway Yoga on Thursdays at 5:45pm, except when there's a Beginner Series (like January 9th-January 30th, 2020).