Guide for Beginners to Yoga

What is yoga? For all practical purposes, as a beginner, it's breathing and exercising and paying attention to what your body is telling you.

What is yoga good for? Yoga's good for just about everything: flexibility, cardio, strength, endurance, relaxation, peace of mind. All these various classes just emphasize different things, so you may need to try a few until you find one that resonates for you. Likewise with teachers! 

What should I wear? Loose or stretchy clothes that don't restrict your movement.

What should I bring? Having your own yoga mat is handy, but we've got a few spares. You can get low-commitment yoga mats at Target and Academy Sports and even Barnes & Noble for just $10. 

How often can I do yoga?

  • Doing yoga once a week tends to keep you from getting less healthy.
  • Doing yoga twice a week tends to yield dramatic improvements.
  • Doing yoga every day can be amazing and life-changing.

Do you use props? I love props! Because each of our bodies is unique, your poses aren't going to look like everyone else's in the classes. Props help you find a place where you get the benefit without hurting yourself. I like blocks and straps and blankets and bolsters and wedges and walls. How much you use the props yourself will depend on you and the poses you choose to do, but I'll teach you how to best use them with the body you've got!

How do I pay for classes?  Most yoga classes are 'drop-in' or ongoing classes, so you just go to a class.You can check out Judson's prices here.

  • Class Cards: Yoga studios will give often give you discounts for paying for more than one class at a time. The Glowing Body, for example, lets you buy 5, 10, or 25 class cards that get you bulk discounts ($13, $12
  • Series: Some yoga classes are 'series' -- for example, you might sign up for a series that meets every Thursday for 6 weeks starting on January 10th. Usually you expect the class to build upon what happened in the previous week's class. Make-up policies vary from teacher to teacher.
  • Karma classes: 'Karma' is what the Glowing Body calls their donation-based classes. We'd rather you do yoga than not do yoga, so if you're strapped for cash, these are the classes for you. You just pay what you can to help us keep the lights on.

Is yoga religious? Yoga with Judson is  neither religious nor anti-religious. But if you want to practice it religiously (i.e. every day!) that's probably good for you!