Beginner Series - 5 Week

Beginning Hatha Yoga

at The Glowing Body Yoga Studio

A series of 5 classes, 90 minutes each.

Glowing Body: $75, Thursdays at 7:45pm. 
October 22nd - November 19th, 2015

Beginning Hatha Yoga will teach the absolute beginner the basics of yoga. The lessons learned in the class form a strong foundation for a home practice and taking more advanced yoga classes. If you've never done yoga before, this is the way to start! We'll be doing poses and a small number of breathing exercises. 

A beginner's series like this has several advantages over just jumping into an ongoing class: 

Taking it slow: If you've ever tried to learn something where you couldn't keep up with the instructor, then you'll appreciate the pace of this class. First the instructor will show you how to do it, then talk you through it. If you don't understand, you can even ask questions! 

Targeted to YOU: We're all unique, but some of us are more unique than others. With the pace of this class, you can get suggestions for how to modify the yoga poses taking into account your body's idiosyncrasies, whether that's due to injury, age, weight, or just the way you're made! 

Something to take with you: At the end of this series, you'll have a solid yoga practice that you can do at home without instruction. And when you take more yoga classes, you won't have to wonder why the teacher keeps talking about upside down dogs! 

Depending on one's focus, yoga can help in a wide variety of areas: strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, posture, anxiety reduction, focus, and awareness. 

Makeups: If you miss one of the scheduled classes, you can make it up at any of Judson's other classes at any location.

How to sign up:

Glowing Body website: Oct 22 to Nov 19 or in-person at the Glowing Body. 

Directions are available at

You can ask me questions by calling 865-963-6042 or emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.