Mindful Vinyasa Flow

The practical principles behind Mindful Vinyasa Flow are the same as behind my Mindful Hatha Yoga classes. As with all yoga (ideally), we stay present in the moment while doing our practice.

But whereas the Mindful Hatha Yoga class emphasizes stretching and relaxing and some long holds, Mindful Vinyasa Flow has more movement, and thus more cardiovascular work and the kind of strength that comes with moving instead the kind of strength that comes with static poses.

So, similar work with the mind. Different work with the body.

Do you know Zeno's Paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise? Each movement contains an infinite number of positions between the start and the end. Our task with the Mindful Vinyasa Flow is to be present at each of those infinite positions along the way, not just Point A and Point B. The work is the journey between the two, and not just where we hold it at either end. This is how we challenge ourselves safely. It's like driving. You don't want to take a nap while driving from home to work. You've got to be awake the entire time or else bad things will happen.

And so we're working on staying awake, even though the trip from down dog to plank is a fast one. 

So the class is vigorous. As always, breaks are encouraged. You're the only one who knows when you yourself need to pause. When we exhaust ourselves, our movement becomes sloppy. Hurting yourself to please the ego doesn't make you stronger.

Consider this a moving meditation.

Find clarity of mind and strength of body through movement and exertion.