Mindful Hatha Yoga


Mindful Hatha Yoga is about bringing the mind back into the body. Generally, our minds are off in la-la land: the past, the future, other places.  In class, we bring our focus back to the body. We examine with our mind's eye for stress and tension, and then we practice letting it go. Along the way, we also get stronger, more flexible, and more at peace.

But what's the class like? We do yoga poses that give you enough challenge that your body gets better at it with practice, but not so much that you hurt yourself.  Every yoga class is a little different, and yoga can do all sorts of things: cardio, strength, relaxation, flexibility. Mindful Yoga tends to run more toward the relaxation and flexibility side of things, but your muscles and your heart will still get stronger.  Vinyasa (or 'flow') classes are very popular right now, but this is decidely not a 'flow' class -- we only do 2-3 sun salutations.

The Middle Ground: We want to give our bodies a little bit of a challenge, but not too much. A little bit makes us healthier. Doing too much hurts yourself and means you get less healthy. Doing nothing at all makes you less healthy too. At any time during a class (or in your home practice!), you can stop and take a break, or just choose not to do a pose to your full effort. Some people try too hard and some don't try hard enough. As the teacher, I try to help you find your middle ground, and it might be different from the person next to you.

Can I ask questions? Yes! Anytime! Before, during, or after class. Or in email.

Hey, I've done this before. Tell me what your sequencing is like! We start off with breathing to slow our mind's down. Then we warm up. Then some sun salutations. Standing poses. Then we sit down and do some forward folds, some back bends, and some twists. Then savasana, 'corpse' pose, our final relaxation.

I can't _____, so I can't do yoga. If you can breathe and you can walk into the studio, you can do this.  We don't do yoga because we're already strong and flexible and relaxed. We do it so we can get stronger and more flexible and more relaxed than we are.

What should I bring? Having your own personal yoga mat is handy, but we've got spares you can borrow until you find a kind you like. The cheapies are Target for $10 are a pretty good starting place.  As far as clothing goes, just wear things that don't keep you from moving -- so loose or stretchy stuff.

The time and location info about the classes is on the schedule.


Triangle, at the National Monument in Ediburgh, Scotland, June 2012.