Updated Monday, March 16, 2020

Breezeway Yoga is suspending classes this week. Glowing Body is suspending classes as of tomorrow (Tuesday 3/17).To make it a full sweep, I will also be suspending my Wednesday Gentle Yoga class at Balanced You. As many steps as I take to ensure that you don't get the virus from the room, it's nigh impossible to make sure we don't give it to each other unless everyone is wearing protective gear best left to medical professionals.

I expect this to continue on a week-by-week basis until the crisis is over. The more we flatten the curve, the longer it will take, but the more we flatten the curve, the more lives we save by not overloading our health care system.

This is being done for the safety of the students and teachers, their friends and families, and on down the line, since that's how things spread, whether we seem sick or not.

Stay tuned for further updates. Feel free to email me with your questions about your home practice!


Updated Friday, March 13, 2020

To be safe in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus panedemic, I'm taking the following measures:

  • Hands-off: I'm not doing hands-on assists or adjustments.
  • In most classes, I'm teaching poses assuming that we are not using props. This will let you avoid having to touch blocks, bolsters, and blankets that other people may have touched and which are difficult to clean between each class. 
  • The exception is Wednesday's Gentle Yoga class at Balanced You. We pretty much need to use props for this class. 
    • Blankets: I am giving each person a blanket from my personal stash to use for the next few months. When the crisis has passed, you can give it back, but in the meantime, you can keep it in the trunk of your car where you know it's safe from germs. 
    • Blocks: I am bringing my personal set of blocks for students to use. After each class, I spray it with disinfectant spray, plus there's a week for any germs on the blocks to die. 
    • Bolsters: If you want to use bolsters, I suggest bringing a pillowcase, but I won't be requiring bolster use. 
  • I strongly advise being sure to bring your own mat.  Glowing Body has disinfectant wipes for cleaning shared mats before and after use. I've not been able to find wipes that have sufficient alcohol content for use in other studios. 
  • I encourage you to stay home if you're sick, of course. 
  • I'm washing hands before and after. I'm using Purell during class just in case I touch my face or a doorknob.

If studios start closing completely or classes start getting cancelled, I'll update you on my website and in my email newsletter. 

I am not a medical professional. Accept my safety measures at your own risk.