I don't like to get too obsessed with money when it comes to yoga, but the gas and the lights and the air conditioning have to be paid for somehow. I try to give you as many options as I can. Here it is.

At the Glowing Body:

Fridays' Mindful Hatha Yoga class is a 'karma' class. Pay what you can, what you want, what you think we deserve, whatever. There's a basket up front, but you can also pay with credit card. If you've got a Glowing Body class card, you can use that for the class. If you're making up a missed class from a series, you can put nothing in the basket guilt-free. The suggested donation is $8-$20.

Monday's Mindful Flow class and Tuesday's Mindful Yoga class are offered at standard Glowing Body rates.

Series and workshops are individually priced. Please see the Glowing Body website or the class schedule for specifics.

In Bearden

I teach at two places in Bearden: Balanced You Yoga and Breezeway Yoga.  Everything there goes directly to me, and then I pay the rent. In person, I can take cash or check, or you can pay for certain things here on the website (which is Paypal and accepts credit cards and you don't have to have a Paypal account).  At Breezeway, I also accept Breezeway class cards (10 classes for $120, usable at any teacher's Breezeway class).

There are three ways to go, depending on which way works better for you to motivate yourself:

(1) A single class is $15. It's $10 for students (including local yoga teacher-trainees).


(2) Four-Week-Challenge: Four consecutive weeks of the same class in the same timeslot for $40. That averages to $10/class assumiing you make it to all four weeks! No makeups or substitutions, but you can miss one and still come out ahead compared to the single class rate.

(3) Class Packages: With the class packages, you can buy a 5 or 10 class package, save money, and use the package on the Bearden classes (Wednesday & Thursday). They don't expire (see caveat below), and you can share them.

  • A 5 class card is $65 ($13/class).
  • A 10 class card is $120 ($12/class).

The expiration date on these is "as long as Judson is able to keep the classes going."  I'm not planning to stop either one, but I don't have a 3-year lease either. The class packages will be good for any new Bearden classes I start up as well.

(4) Beginner Series (4-week) - January 9th - 30th, 2020

$45 for the 4-week series

(5) Tip Jar/Donations or Custom Amount
Use this button if you need to pay for anything not handled by the buttons above: